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Cigarette License

Asked by: mike  — 12 December, 2011

How i can get cigarette license?
How much i have to pay money?

Answered by: admin  — 12 December, 2011


To get a cigarette license you would have to have a few filings in order:

First, you have to have your business registered with the state you would be conducting your sales in, as either an LLC or a Corporation. The registered entity would then need to obtain a federal tax identification number (EIN). Once the entity is formed and has its EIN, you then have to apply for a state sales tax vendor id (provided your state has sales tax). Once you have those three steps completed, your business may then apply for the specific type of tobacco license applicable to the type of business you would be conducting.

The costs of the tobacco license vary state to state, and again, depend on what your business would be doing with these products. For example, if you are the producer of your products, you would have to get a manufacturing license, which often times must be accompanied with a distribution license. If you are importing or exporting tobacco products, you would require a separate import/export permit. General retail tobacco sales require their own permit/license as well. Keep in mind that manufacturers, importers and exporters of tobacco products are also required to register on Federal level with TTB.

As I said, without knowing the state, and the exact type of business you would be conducting, it would be impossible to give you an accurate cost to the fees and processes involved with each respective scenario.

I hope you found this information to be helpful.

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