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Cigarette license in New Jersey

Asked by: larry - 18 May, 2011 how long will it take to get a cigarette license in NJ?
Answered by: Ray Albert - 20 May, 2011 Larry,

It depends what kind of license you are looking to attain, depending on the functionality of your business. In New Jersey, there are 4 types of tobacco licenses: retail, wholesale, distribution and manufacturer. Each license carries a different annual fee, as well as a different time-table. Click here to learn more about NJ Retail Tobacco License.

Generally speaking, they take 3-4 weeks from the beginning of the application process. (In the event you needed multiple licenses, for example, a distribution and wholesale license, those could both be done simultaneously).

Please also keep in mind, you will need a New Jersey Sales Tax Vendor ID Number before you would be eligible for any of the state's tobacco licenses.

I hope this answer was of some help.


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