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Chinese registering a company in New York

Asked by: Wliservie - 16 November, 2012 Hello. I am Chinese, want to register a corporation (INC) in New York. 

But I am not in America, now in China. If you can help me solve the registration question. How much money is needed? What steps?

Also I have no New York address, can I use a Virtual address?
Answered by: Ray Albert - 17 November, 2012 Wliservie,

You are not required to have a U.S. address for the business, so you may use a home or office address in China as the business address. If you wanted to have a U.S. address, you would need to find a virtual office provider and obtain that address first to use on the initial application. We have a research article titled 'U.S. Business Address' which offers resources and comparisons of some providers of this service.

You will not be required to submit any financial or identification documents. You are also not required to have a social security number, so we will be able to register the corporation and obtain the federal tax id without you needing to submit anything other than the basic information such as names and addresses of the owners and business.

As every business is different, respectively, the costs to incorporate your business vary depending which options you select on the application to form a corporation in New York. Each associated service has a (?) next to it which offers a description of the service and the cost upfront.


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