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Changing Business Purpose

Asked by: Tammy - 10 July, 2011 I am looking at starting an LLC (in Texas) and my question is regarding article 4, purpose. I will first be conducting internet sales of beauty products, and that is my current purpose; however next year I would like to open a shop and since I will be a licensed cosmetologist, I would like to expand my "purpose" and add more to my business by not only selling products but providing salon services as well. Is this possible to do, and is there a form to make just this change or will I have to form a new LLC?

Thank you!
Answered by: Alex Zehn - 12 July, 2011 Tammy,

Generally speaking, you don't really have to mention a specific business purpose. Instead a more general statement can be used, indicating the company is formed to conduct any "lawful" business activities. This type of broad language in the articles allows a company to engage in a variety of legal activities.

If you still decide to use a specific business purpose in the articles you can later amend the articles to reflect a new or expanded business purpose.


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