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Certificate duration

Asked by: Marilyn Foster - 21 March, 2013 Once a company is incorporated, how long does the certificate last for?
Answered by: Ray Albert - 28 March, 2013 Marilyn,

This depends largely on the type of entity you form.

For example, if you register an LLC, you are able to choose between having the company filed as an 'At-will' company or a 'term' company. Listing a company's duration status as 'at-will' means the company will stay registered until the owner(s) decide to dissolve it. Alternatively, choosing 'term' duration means you are providing the state with a pre-determined dissolution date.

When you file a corporation, the company is registered until the board of directors decide by vote to file for entity dissolution.

You can click here to compare the differences between an LLC and a Corporation.


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