Cancel OPAL ID

Asked by: Yai  — 22 June, 2013

I registered OPAL ID because at that time i planed to run a business (food vender) but i never start my own business until now, I’d like to know how to cancel, or if I start a new business like spa, can i still use the same OPAL ID that I once registered before?

Answered by: admin  — 22 June, 2013


OPAL ID is given to a business entity, so if for example you obtained it as a sole proprietor, never did business, and now want to start, the OPAL ID should be good for use. If you register a new company, such as LLC or Corporation, then you need to obtain a new OPAL ID for it.

Just to double check if your OPAL ID is still active I would contact New York State Office of Information Technology Services and check with them.

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