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Canadian wants to do business in USA with a partner

Asked by: Samir - 27 March, 2012 Hi I am a Canadian Citizen and i want to buy a Gas station u Usa with partnership with my friend who is a USA green card holder. How can i do that? or if my friend who has exiting business and he wants to add me as partner how can he does that?
Answered by: Ray Albert - 30 March, 2012 Samir,

As a Canadian citizen, you could register a business (either an LLC or a C-Corporation) in the state where the gas station is located, without having to supply any documentation (only the required standard information) to the state or federal offices.

Members of an LLC are not required to be U.S. residents. As far as adding you as a member to an existing company, your partner would need to amend the Operating Agreement of the company, and in some states he would also need to file amendment of Articles with the state.


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