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Canadian registering a US business.

Asked by: GottaLearn - 2 November, 2011 Can a Canadian Citizen register a Business or Business name in the U.S.? Are there any specific documents one needs?
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 6 November, 2011 Dear Visitor,

Canadians, as most other international persons, can register and own a company in the US, with some minor restrictions applying.

No documents are needed to form a company, however when applying for a bank account a company owner/officer is required to show photo ID (such as a passport) and a proof of address, such as a foreign bank statement or driver's license showing foreign address (must be in English, or officially translated to English and notarized).

Also, typically, the person applying for a bank account on behalf of the company is required to be physically present in front of a banker at the time of opening the account.


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