Canadian-owned business

Asked by: Syma  — 20 December, 2012

Can I open distributor center in USA for Canadian business?

Answered by: admin  — 20 December, 2012


Yes, you may register your Canadian company as foreign entity in any of the 50 states or DC. Alternatively you can register a new US company, and list yourself or your Canadian company as the owner (this is actually more recommended for variety of reasons).

We have a research article titled ‘U.S. Companies for Foreigners‘, which will help compare the different entity types you could register, as well as a comparison to the top recommended states to register in.

You are not required to provide a U.S. address for the business, so you may use a home or business address in Canada as the business address. Keep in mind, if you plan on having a warehouse , employees or physical location for your company in the U.S., the company would need to be registered in the state where the property or employees are physically located.

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