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Canadian Opening US Business Bank Account

Asked by: Lavar - 22 March, 2012 I have a US based LLC and would like to open up a US based bank account, I currently live in Canada and plan to move to the US later this fall, how can I go about setting up a US Business Bank Account and would my government ID and IRS EIN number be sufficient?
Answered by: Ray Albert - 23 March, 2012 Lavar,

To open a bank account for your LLC in the United States you typically need to appear in person in front of a banker and bring the following documents:

1. your company's Articles of Organization,
2. EIN letter,
3. Letter of Resignation of Organizer, listing you as one of the initial members of the company,
4. a personal identification and a proof of address (must be in English, or a notarized translation to English),  
5. it is usually a little easier to do so in the state where the company is registered, however if you are opening the account in any other state you need to bring a letter from your company attorney or a CPA stating that your company does not do business in that state.

It's always a good idea to research and contact a few U.S. banks that would be convenient for you to get to in person, and have them verify exactly what personal identification they would require along with the business paperwork to open your account.


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