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Canadian opening a LLC - Delaware versus Wyoming?

Asked by: Marie - 16 August, 2011 I am a Canadian. Could you please tell me the advantages of opening an LLC in Wyoming versus Delaware? Thank you.
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 19 August, 2011 Dear Marie,

If you plan to open a business that has no physical location in the US you would be better off choosing one of the incorporation friendly states such as Delaware or Wyoming, as you correctly mentioned in your question.

As far as choosing between Wyoming and Delaware I would recommend you to read our article comparing those two states (as well as Nevada, however recently Nevada became too expensive for us to recommend as compared to the other two states): Delaware vs Nevada vs Wyoming.

One of the most obvious advantages of Wyoming when compared to Delaware is probably the fact that its cheaper to form and maintain a WY company than a Delaware one.


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