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Canadian looking to open LLC in Buffalo

Asked by: Jerome  — 31 May, 2011


I’m a Canadian resident looking to open an LLC in Buffalo, NY. We are looking to purchase properties under our LLC. How do we go about doing so? Fees associated? Taxes?

Answered by: admin  — 31 May, 2011


We have many international clients (and many more visitors of our site) asking this type of question.

As a Canadian citizen, the standard cost of establishing your LLC in New York would be $646, which would include all sate filing fees (including expedited fees, which are recommended in New York to save about 1 month of processing time), our processing fee, the EIN from the IRS, Company Kit & Seal, 1 year of Registered Agent service, and shipping of all paperwork to and from state offices and to your foreign address. Depending on your business plans, for example if you are selling products, you would also need a New York sales vendor id number.

Also keep in mind, all LLC’s formed in New York State are required to do a newspaper publication. State law mandates the LLC publish announcements of formation, purpose and existence in 2 newspapers for 6 consecutive weeks in the county of registration. These fees very county to county, and can get a little pricey. We offer a flat rate package for this requirement of $499 which include all newspaper fees and filing of the Affidavit of Publication with the State.
Regarding taxes, I am not a professional accountant, so that is a question better left to the respective professionals of that field.

I hope you found this answer to be of some assistance.

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