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Canadian Landlord in the US

Asked by: Imrana - 15 December, 2012 Hello, my husband and I are Canadians living in Ontario. We recently bought a property in Hawaii for the sole purpose of renting it out. We have the property title in an LLP and have registered that LLP in Hawaii. We have the appropriate EIN number etc with the intent to pay income tax in the US. Do I need to register the LLP in Ontario as well? The property can potentially be rented to anyone including Canadians. Thank you so much.
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 17 December, 2012 Dear Imrana,

Typically, what matters is not who owns a company but in which jurisdiction the company does business. Since your jurisdiction of business is Hawaii this is where your company needs to be registered (as you already did).

With that being said we cannot give advise on forming companies outside of US, so I would recommend you to consult your accountant in Ontario for further advise on whether you need to register your LLC there or not.


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