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Canadian Incorporating in US

Asked by: colleen - 30 November, 2012 I am based in Canada, I manufacture a product in South Africa and my clients are all based in the US, where the products will be shipped. Would it makes sense to register a US Corp?
Do I have to have a physical address in the US or a US citizen as a partner to register a Corp?
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 3 December, 2012 Colleen,

It would make sense to register a company in the US if it would help your business, for example by making it easier for your US clients to pay you for your product, or if you want to establish a distribution center for your product in the US.

To register a US company you don't need to have a US address or a US partner, but having either wouldn't hurt. You can start by getting a reasonably cheap virtual office or mailing address.


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