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Canadian doing business in Florida

Asked by: Paul - 1 June, 2011 I am a Canadian and I am looking to start a business in the USA I will be based out of Florida, should I form my LLC in Florida or another state?
Answered by: Ray Albert - 3 June, 2011 Paul,

By your question, I will go on the assumption that you have some sort of physical presence in the state of Florida. Maybe you have an address there to use as your Registered Agent, or a warehouse from where you may ship products from? If that is the case, Florida would definitely be the best option for you.

If you have no physical presence in Florida, then you may want to explore the possibilities of registering your LLC in uber business-friendly states such as Delaware or Wyoming. (Click here to compare the advantages of incorporating in Wyoming or Delaware). As with any state, you will be required to maintain a Registered Agent in the state of your business formation. I always recommend consulting with your accountant, as they will be able to assist in finding the right state for your business needs as well as your own personal gains.

I hope you find this answer helpful.


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