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Canadian consultant with potential jobs in the US

Asked by: Emily - 3 March, 2012 Is it easier to do consulting work for American companies if I, a Canadian citizen, incorporate my company in the US?
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 5 March, 2012 Dear Emily,

Although you could provide consulting services to US companies using a Canadian entity, I have encountered many cases where Canadian consultants where asked by their US clients to provide them with an easier way to pay (to a US based bank account). In some cases US clients would ask them to form a US based company, with which they would be doing business.

I would suggest you to inquire your potential US clients if they would mind working with a Canadian company and making payments to a Canadian-based bank, or they would rather have you form a US entity. Keep in mind that you would probably need to make a trip across the border to open a bank account for your US company, as banks in the US require physical presence of ?° company representative, with a few documents such as a photo ID, proof of address, etc.


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