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Canadian citizen operating an online business in the U.S.

Asked by: Serge - 6 May, 2011 I am a canadian citizen and would like to start a tutoring business online. My girlfriend works as a travel nurse and she has a TN visa and I would like to travel with her in the U.S. and work on my online business while in the U.S. What are the steps necessary for me to make this work in terms of immigration? Thanks.
Answered by: Alex Zehn - 18 May, 2011 Serge,

Unfortunately we cannot provide you with immigration related advise, and I would strongly recommend to address this type of questions to immigration professionals.

On the incorporation side I can tell you that it should not be a problem for you to open and operate an online business using a US based company, regardless of your immigration status (the only restriction is - you won't be able to own S-Corporation).


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