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Canadain corp hiring US citizens to work in the US

Asked by: Dave  — 8 December, 2012

Hi, I’m a Canadian corporation that is internet driven.
I want to do business in the states and would need to hire from within the states.

1. Do I need to register company or incorporate my Canadian company in the states?
2. Am I allowed to hire without a physical address within the states?
I know that I would have to abide by all employment laws and collect payroll taxes.
Answered by: admin  — 8 December, 2012


To hire employees in the U.S. (W-2) you need to register a new domestic company, or foreign-qualify your Canadian corporation (but its easier to register a U.S. company).

You would then be able to register for payroll taxes and hire a payroll company to handle the formalities for you.

Another options to hire contractors, and issue them 1099 instead of W-2. This way you don’t need to register for payroll taxes.

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