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Can I form an LLC in Nevada while residing in New York to remain anonymous?

Asked by: Jason - 2 May, 2012 I am a resident of NY and would like to form an LLC soley for income property in NY. Can I file my LLC in Nevada to remain anonymous? Since Nevada does not release LLC owner information. Furthermore, I would file taxes for the property in my personal income taxes in NY. (which is where I live and where the income property is located). I would not be avoiding taxes, just remaining anonymous.
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 3 May, 2012 Jason,

You could of course form a Nevada LLC, however if you form it to hold an income property physically located in New York you would have to register your NV LLC in New York as a foreign entity anyway, which beats the purpose of forming it in Nevada to begin with.

A possible solution might be to form a New Mexico LLC instead and use it as a holding company for all your future business entities, including a New York LLC that you would form for your rental property.

This way NM LLC is the owner of the NY LLC, and since New Mexico does not collect member information at all, and has no annual report filing requirements (you only need to maintain a registered agent), you get yourself a convenient business tool to "anonymously" own companies and assets.


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