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Can I change my DBA to LLC in California?

Asked by: Black Cougar - 29 October, 2012 I am running a DBA in California for years engaged in importing customized products and ship to international. Now I am thinking to change my business to online using the same Fictitious name which is DBA, can I change this DBA to LLC or what is the best way (business structure) to do the online business with limited liability? Thanks.
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 29 October, 2012 Dear Black Cougar,

You could probably register an LLC in California with the same name as your DBA is (plus "LLC" in the end), since in California DBA is filed on county level, and LLC is filed on state level.

If your business had any assets then you need to transfer those assets to your LLC. Also, you might want to let your DBA expire, so don't renew it.


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