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Can Canadian Citizen open a company and do business registration in USA?

Asked by: George - 30 October, 2013 Hello,

I'm a Canadian Citizen and want to buy a production line in US. But not sure the following issues:

a. is it legal to buy business in US as a Canadian?
b. If so, how can I stay in US? As a visitor, or apply a working visa, etc.?

Thank you very much in advance!
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 1 November, 2013 George,

Anyone can own a U.S. business, so I see no reason why you cannot buy an existing U.S. business, being a Canadian.

As far as staying in the U.S. it is an immigration question. I am sure there are various options available to Canadians, starting from the basic B1/B2 etc. You might want to research this question online or consult an immigration specialist.


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