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C-Corp for Florida property

Asked by: Sumeet Gupta  — 12 July, 2013

I am a resident of India and I want to buy a property in US (Florida) so I am thinking to open a C-CORP. Is it ok ?

Answered by: admin  — 12 July, 2013


You should certainly register a company in Florida to act as holding entity for your property.

In many cases with real estate/property holding, an LLC can be more practical than a Corporation for a number of reasons, including tax structure and annual maintenance. You can click here to compare LLC vs. Corporation side-by-side.

You may even decide you want to register a holding company (a company to register and own other companies whom own the assets). I’d like to invite you to a question answered by my colleague Lloyd titled ‘LLC Real Estate Purchase‘, I believe you would find this article to be very helpful and informative.

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