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Buying a gas station in Boston

Asked by: Sp Singh  — 2 September, 2012

Hi, a running or closed gas station is for sale in Boston price $200,000 and I want to purchase it and run the gas station in 1/3 share partnership with my brother he is LPR in USA and his friend he is US citizen how I can purchase it and get visa to see my business please suggest me. I shall be very thankful to you. Regards Sp Singh

Answered by: admin  — 2 September, 2012

Dear Sp Singh,

A registered U.S. business entity, such as an LLC or a corporation, may purchase an existing business, as well as rent or own the physical property the business is located/conducted on.

You do not need to have a visa, social security number or to be an American citizen to register a business entity in the United States, so you could register a business in Massachusetts with all the partners listed as the owners, regardless where they live. Then when the company’s Operating Agreement/by-laws are drafted, you would be able to specify what % of ownerships, profits and such each of the members or shareholder is entitled to, along with other provisions the owners may agree to.

Regarding obtaining a visa, that is a matter best discussed with a licensed immigration attorney.

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