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Business norms in doing business from Wyoming in Texas

Asked by: Manoj Kumar - 24 May, 2013 We are an IT Indian company and wants to do business in Texas. As the Wyoming is most economical state, we want to be incorporated in Wyoming. Please assist in understanding the statutory norms in doing business from Wyoming in Texas?
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 24 May, 2013 Manoj,

Depending on your business involvement in Texas you might or might not need to register your company in that state.

If you plan on establishing physical presence in Texas, such as having an office or employees who physically work full time in Texas, then you need to register the company there (either as domestic, or as foreign entity).

If your business in Texas only involves clients whom you help remotely then no such registration should be required, and you can conduct business using your Wyoming company.


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