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Business moved to Europe

Asked by: Megan - 20 August, 2012 I recently became an affiliate with a company here in the US. Unfortunately they were shut down, but are now moving their business to Europe where the law allows their type of business. As a citizen of the US, would be still be legal for me to participate in that business?
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 21 August, 2012 Dear Megan,

This question is legal in nature, and because we do not give legal advise and also its not clear from the question what kind of business activity that is, I would recommend you to consult an attorney who would be in a better position to answer that.

For what it's worth I can give you my five cents on that - if the business activity your affiliate program provider was involved in is illegal, then I would presume your continued affiliation with their business while being in the US would probably be illegal as well. Again, not being a licensed law specialist I wouldn't recommend you to count on my advise as is, but consider it as a food for thought, and consult an attorney.


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