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Bank Account in US & Registering LLC

Asked by: Ram  — 31 January, 2013


My Name is Ram, I am from New Delhi, India.
I am running a Online Tech support Business in which we sell Annual Plans Ranging from $99 to $249.
We Offer (Remote & Voice Support) for computer problems just like Geek Squad, Iyogi etc.
Right Now I share Payment Gateway with somebody to accept payments and he charges somewhere around 25% of the sales.

So now I am thinking if possible being a Indian Citizen, Can I open a checking account in USA, integrate it with a payment gateway like etc., Register my company in US as LLC. Then start accepting payments in my USA account, then transfer the money to my Indian account any time.

Please let me know if it is possible or not, if yes then what are the formalities, documents required, Price .

Awaiting +ve Response

Thanking You

Answered by: admin  — 31 January, 2013


Theoretically, it is possible, but might take some time. First you would need to register a U.S. company, then open a bank account, either by coming to the U.S. or opening remotely (contact us for more details), and then you need to accumulate at least one year of banking history in order to apply for merchant account.

Then you will be able to accept credit cart payments and have them deposited into your company’s U.S. bank account, with the option to wire those funds to your account in India.

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