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Anything needed to be done after LLC formation?

Asked by: Michael Bergh - 16 May, 2011 I just set up an Wisconsin LLC and the originals are in shipment to me. Is there anything I need to sent back to the State- like forms with original signatures, or is it complete?
Answered by: Ray Albert - 21 May, 2011 Michael,

Typically speaking, if the paperwork for your business is being sent to you, your LLC is complete as far as an existing entity is concerned. If you did not order an EIN and your LLC needs one (in some cases it doesn't) then the next step would be obtaining the EIN for your business from the IRS.

Depending on the functionality of the business, you may need to obtain a Wisconsin sales tax vendor id (if you plan on selling products or purchasing items in wholesale), licenses or permits. It really depends what kind of business you plan on conducting.

Once you have copies of your Articles of Organization and an EIN, you can open the bank account, and barring any special permit needs, you will be set to go!

I hope this answer was of some help to you.


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