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Annual Filing Requirments in Wyoming

Asked by: Peter Garcia - 10 March, 2011 I am in the process of having a sub chapter S corporation filed. I have two questions for you. The first has to do with filing requirments for the Sub S Corp. We realize we have to file a 2553 form right after the corporation is formed but what other documents do we have to file annually? We incorprated it in Wyoming by the way.
Answered by: Alec Green - 21 March, 2011 Dear Peter,

You have made a great choice by incorporating in Wyoming. The state requirements to maintain a corporation there are really as minimal as they can be.

Every year, your company will have to file a simple annual report. The minimal fee for this filing is currently $50 and it goes up depending on the amount of business that your company transacts within the state.

In addition, if you have a registered agent in Wyoming, you have to remember to renew the agent every year, unless you have a multi-year contract with them. Maintaining an agent for service of process is required to keep your company in good standing.

Finally, remember to observe all the necessary corporate formalities within your company (board meetings, shareholder meetings, etc.) in order to maintain your corporate veil. And, of course, consult your accountant to find out about the tax returns. That should be it.


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