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Academy/Training Center: INC or LLC ?

Asked by: Borys  — 30 September, 2011

I am starting Academy/training center which will provide all kinds of courses 1-10 week long for pilots.
Should I start INC or LLC ?

Answered by: admin  — 30 September, 2011

Dear Borys,

An LLC is a much more flexible entity than Corporation, and in most cases would be the entity of choice for new businesses.

It is true that corporate structure would make it easier to transfer shares between shareholders, compared to membership interest of LLC, and also an LLC cannot go public (you must have C-Corp for that), however those advantages are seldom utilized in most businesses.

On the other hand, the flexibility of LLC in adopting different forms of taxation is an enormous advantage over Corporation that is limited to 2 main forms of taxation – as C-Corp or as S-Corp (if all members are US persons).

To make a long story short – I believe an LLC would be preferable for your type of business. Of course, I do want to encourage you to consult with your CPA prior to making such decision (but beware of CPAs who are not familiar with the flexible nature of LLC, and I met a few…)

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