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US/Canadian partners doing business together

Asked by: Tim - 25 April, 2012 If a Canadian (Alberta resident) couple and American (California resident) couple set up a company (online business in worldwide marketplace), what country is most desirable for each couple and the business (from a taxation and ease of doing business)?
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 25 April, 2012 Dear Tim,

Unfortunately we specialize only in US incorporation, various business filing and licensing. In your case a comparison of two countries would require professional knowledge of the corporate and tax laws in Canada, which unfortunately we do not possess. In fact, I understand that you do not limit yourself to just the US and Canada, in which case you would need to consult with an offshore specialist.

With that being said, if the majority of your target audience is in the US you might want to consider forming your organization/company in one of the business friendlier US states. In fact, as your business grows you might want to consider forming legal entities in other countries as well, depending on various business factors.


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