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Cost of Incorporating in Illinois

Asked by: anthony williams - 20 September, 2011 What is the total cost to incorporate a business in IL?
Answered by: Alec Green - 21 September, 2011 Anthony,

Depending on the type of entity you want to form, how soon you need it formed, what other services you might need on top of filing of Articles, and whether you intend to hire an incorporation service or do it yourself, the range of cost for forming a company in Illinois would run between $175 (state fee for forming a C-Corporation) to over $1000 (for example if you hire a professional incorporation service for a rush LLC with additional services on top of filing the Articles).

Keep in mind that there is a pretty significant difference between the state fee for forming a corporation ($175) and state fee for forming an LLC ($500 basic fee + $21 for other state fees). If you would like to get a quote please visit our Illinois page.


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