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Having a WY LLC as non-residents/citizens and its related details.

Asked by: Ashish Janiani - 30 December, 2011 Hi,

We are an internet start-up in India, and have summed down to registering our company as a WY LLC. We are going to be an information website based out of India to begin with which is going to generate revenues from advertisements. Later, we are going to integrate an e-commerce aspect to our website selling products and services in India, the US, and other countries as well. I wanted to understand the following:

1. If we get advertisements from US companies, how do we collect payments from them? We would prefer having a US bank account understanding the fact that we are going to integrate an e-commerce portal soon enough.

2. Opening a bank account, can we do that without traveling to the US as traveling there just to open a bank account with no physical office or anything in the beginning is not feasible?

3. Are we be liable for US taxes a) if we are generating revenue by advertisement from US companies? b) Later when we integrate an e-commerce portal with only a warehouse to ship products and services?

4. Lastly, we may want to tie up with amazon and generate a commission for sales out of the US? How do we collect payments in that case and pay taxes?

PLEASE ANSWER the questions in an order next to the questions so that we don't miss any information, and don't have to bother you again with the same questions.

Thank you for your amazing service.

Awaiting your reply.

Yours truly,

Ashish Janiani
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 3 January, 2012 Dear Ashish,

Opening a bank account in the US requires you to travel to the US, as nowadays opening accounts remotely is not feasible. Alternatively, you could open a bank account for your US company in India using Certified Copy of Articles of Organization with Apostille.

If your company will generate income in the US it might be liable for taxes in the US, and in any case your company would need to file a tax return with the IRS each year. To better understand how your company (or you as its owner) are to be taxed you need to consult a US accountant who is experienced in helping international clients.


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