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European and US citizen want to open Event Planning Company in NYC / U.S

Asked by: Kate Pro - 26 January, 2013 We are one Europen Citizen and one US Citizen and want to open a Wedding Planning/Event Planning Business/Agency in NYC for individuals and companies.
Is it possible as NON US Citizen to work in NYC after registering our company? What do we need? Thank you.
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 29 January, 2013 Katie,

This is more of an immigration question than incorporation one. Technically, you can register a company and have your U.S. partner manage it. For you to be able to travel and get work authorization in the U.S. this company would need to satisfy certain requirements, and then you would be able to apply for specific visa, however I do recommend you to consult an immigration attorney for most recent and accurate information on that.


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