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Certification Process of New Jersey Dept of Banking & Insurance

Asked by: John Mark - 16 February, 2012 Hi,

I am John from India. We are now forming a Medical Billing BPO in Noida and we get one lead from US Physician also he willing to outsource his billing services to us.

But when I checked in Internet it shows that anyone who want do Medical Billing service in New Jersey those need get certification from New Jersey Dept of Banking & Insurance.

We have read the application but we need assistance from someone we will answer below questions.

1. Whether we need form an LLC in USA
2. How can we assign a Attorney for this.
3. If so, how much we need to pay for that Attorney
4. We are also registered our company in India, If we registered in USA whether I need to pay tax n both countries or not.

Could you please read that application and advise me.

John Mark
Answered by: Mary Dubitsky - 17 February, 2012 John,

A corporation that is organized outside of the United States is eligible to apply for and obtain a Third Party Billing Service Certificate from the State of New Jersey.

Forming a U.S. corporation or registering with the New Jersey Department of State is NOT a prerequisite to becoming certified, but may be required if your business meets the threshold of ???transacting business??? within the State of New Jersey. Although you may not meet this threshold, if you are unsure, we would recommend that you consult an attorney.

Our filing service can help you navigate, prepare, and file the application for a Third Party Billing Service Certificate. We can also help you form the corporation if you choose to do so.


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