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Business Licence / Seller's permit in California

Asked by: Gabor Berczes - 15 September, 2013 Hi!

I have an LLC company registered in Hungary, Europe. I would like to buy from a wholesale company (in California) via internet, order the goods and get them delivered to Europe. I would like to sell the goods in Europe, Hungary. That's all.
The company asks to provide a business licence or seller's permit, however I do not know if it is necessary.
I checked the website of BOE in California, I think it says I don't need but I can register for one, but it asks which state the company is registered in, FEIN #, and data that I cannot provide because the company is not in the US.
I asked another company and they also needed this business licence but I do not know how and where to get it.

Thanks for your help.
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 15 September, 2013 Gabor,

Your vendor is asking for reseller permit in order to sell you the merchandize without charging you a sales tax as an end user. Since you are buying merchandize in order to resell it, this is logical, however since your company is registered in Hungary what you would need to do is obtain a reseller permit as an "out-of-state" merchant (we handle such applications).

You might need an EIN, in which case the EIN is obtained for your Hungarian company (no need to register your company in the US). We handle these as well.


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