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Best Place To Register/Form My Internet Company From Abroad

Asked by: Dominick Dalsanto - 16 April, 2012 I live abroad (In Argentina) but technically I am "living" in California and a resident thereof. I want to form some kind of entity for my new online marketing company, either an LLC or a DBA. Whats the cheapest, best place to do so, without excessive hassle?
Answered by: Ray Albert - 19 April, 2012 Dominick,

In your situation, an LLC would be the viable option regarding the entity type. DBA's are generally filed in your state of residence or underneath an existing company such as an LLC or a Corporation.

In regards to the best state, we have an answer posted in response to a very similar question about what state to form your LLC in. I think you will find this answer to be helpful. 


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